The amalgamation of design & digital, to pull off an incredible pastiche.

Perfection has a formula.

Experiments, experiences & aesthetics!

We’ve accumulated & practised decades of empirical knowledge gained from experimental journeys in the past & use those drills as stepping stones, augmenting our purview in the marketing space.

By uniting brands with their target audiences through experiences, digital engagement & traditional marketing, we’ve been able to help brands expand, thus leading their patrons to get hooked to their digital assets, simply by using the power & reach of the Internet!

Devika Jajodia

(Head of Design & Visual Branding)

About me: An ace researcher with over 6 years of experience, who has an observant eye for intricate detailing & an alignment OCD with impeccable taste in food!

Work Mantra: Perfection is key: until I’m satisfied, no design can reach a client’s inbox! 

Success Means to me: When I can look at a design, and claim to do a better job without another thought!

Secret Work Talent: Researching. Over-researching & troubleshooting like a pro! A solution spotter!

First thing I do when I get to office: Look at my to-do list!

I stay motivated by: Keeping negativity at bay & vision boarding!

Skills: Can spot a design flaw from 6 feet away, have a super sharp memory & can be your bestest buddy in minutes! 

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Devyani Bantthia

(Head of Digital Marketing & Content)

About me: A realist, conceptualising & strategising for 10+ years, an admirer of beautiful content & a grammar-nazi who’s busy finding order in all the chaos.

Work Mantra: Work smart, and do the thinking only when your mind is most active!

First thing I do when I get to office: Play some binaural beats / Buddhist chants to set the vibe for a productive day!

I stay motivated by: Keeping a to-do list & reading affirmations!

Secret Work Talent: I have over 36 tabs open on each browser. And I have three windows open at any given time. And Zen-like focus!

Skills: Can make a mean coffee, read the Tarot & soul plans and keep calm!

Success Means to me: When I don’t have to introduce myself or the work I do.

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