Social Good

Social Media for Social Good

To energize our efforts for social good, we launched our special Social Media for Social Good wing at Duotone Inc. to generate support, straight from the heart for NGOs and related social causes organisations at a bare minimum, as our way of giving back to the society.

We’re helping these organisations’ & individuals’ tireless passion reflect in their social media presence, exuding their dedication towards this thankless job, at times!

To know more about how we can help you do this, reach out to us!

10 + NGO's Helped

Straight from the heart

Social Media Management

Making social good an emerging selfless culture through human touches, channeling the heart & emotions in the right direction.

Content Generation

Create awareness, generate interest, enlist support & participation I initiatives through continuous compelling communication (3C).

Campaign Management

Bridging the gap with digitised humanitarianism by running campaigns & deploying strategies to touch a chord with people.

Patron Relation Management

Helping corporate organisations / donors who want to get connected to an NGO; who don’t know where to start.